Look In Look Out, Art opening/Symposium, June 4, 2010

Studio Downstairs- Portrait Exhibit - Call for Art

Studio Downstairs- Portrait Exhibit - Call for Art
Everyone is Welcome!

Monday, January 25, 2010

watching myself

I just had my first experience with "photo booth" on my new laptop. It took me by surprise to see my self on camera, as both an observer and the observed. It took a while to grasp what I was seeing as I did not recognize myself... "I" am much younger and more alive than the tired aged face I saw on camera. When I opened the discussion to those around me, their collective comment was: "What's the surprise? You see yourself in the mirror every day"... But it was just different. I think the mirror image must become a generalization or an assumption after a while. We look in it and see what we want to see... or something. This video thing was more "real time". I will work on a self portrait from photo booth and see what happens...